Francois Coty, the founder of the Coty corporation, made his first step into the beauty industry by crafting a successful marketing campaign by wrapping quality products in beautiful packaging, including fragrances.

This made him a millionaire in 1904 through his first fragrance, La Rose Jacqueminot.

Coty sought to shake the foundations of the industry, and he did just that by partnering with jeweler Rene Lalique to market perfume packaged in ornate bottles.

One of Coty's early perfumes, L'Origan, was sold in intricate bottles with gilded labels. Not just selling these, a number of A-List brands come under the Coty brand, including Gucci, Hugo Boss, Bottega Veneta, Davidoff, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and more today there are nearly seventy fragrances under the Coty banner.