Date Posted:5 February 2016 

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Nothing says ‘new beginnings’ more than a new perfume, so why not welcome in 2016 by switching up your signature scent?

It’s too easy to get stuck wearing the same fragrance day in day out. Embrace all that this new year has to offer by replacing your current lust-have fragrance with something completely different or, if you’re not quite ready to part with your favourite perfume, add a new scent to your dressing table.

Erica Moore, Fragrance Evaluator at Fragrances of the World, shares her expert advice on choosing a new signature scent.

She says, “Always look first to the fragrances you’ve worn and loved before. Generally more than one of your past favourites will fall in the same family – so it’s a good idea to start with that family.”

Erica suggests looking for a fresher or lighter interpretation of your current perfume as we embrace the warmer months. However, if you find yourself still deliberating which new perfume to buy come wintertime, she advises to opt for a richer, warmer fragrance.



If you’re the kind of woman that likes to stay ahead of the latest trends, perhaps you might like to choose a perfume that’s on trend.

“We are seeing the fragrances in the Woods and Woody Oriental families growing in popularity, as western cultures embrace Middle Eastern fragrance styles – typically based with lots of exotic spicy elements and profound florals such as rose, jasmine and carnation,” says Erica.

Try: Alaia Paris by Azzedine Alaia, Pepper, Musk and Suede Wood are softened by delicate Peony and sweet Freesia.

“On the other side of the Fragrance Wheel, and as the southern hemisphere moves into summer, the classic Eau de Cologne style citrus fragrances are enjoying a comeback. Nuanced with woody notes such as Vetiver, they are taking on a more elegant, tenacious quality. Florals are eternally popular, and we are seeing this family grow with edible gourmand elements, or overdoses of single floral notes such as Iris, Gardenia, Jasmine and crisp Rose.”

Try: Roses de Chloe by Chloe - a crisp floral with notes of Damascone Rose, Lychee and White Musk.



Of course, one of the simplest ways to decide on a new perfume is to look to the fragrance family either side of your favourite.

Erica adds, “Identify the notes you are drawn to – pay attention to your choices in everyday life (such as the candles and body lotions you choose).

If, for example, Vanilla appears in a lot of your favourite smells, look for fragrances that have dominant Vanilla notes. If floral notes feature heavily in your preferences, look in unexpected places such as Woody family fragrances, with White Floral sub-notes.”

Love Vanilla? Try: Dahlia Noir by Givenchy.



You currently wear a ‘Floral’ fragrance

Erica recommends: Try Floral Oriental or Soft Floral fragrances for a safe and similar option. Perhaps move up or down the intensity scale (i.e, fresher or more powerful) for extra variety. However, don’t be afraid to explore other families, such as the Oriental group families, with floral accents, if you really want to mix it up.

Try: Body by Burberry, Freesia, Absinthe and Peach combine to create a beautiful and intimate scent.

You currently wear a ‘Water’ or ‘Oceanic’ perfume

Erica recommends: The Fresh group of fragrance families includes Water, Green, Citrus and Fruity – so it’s definitely a good idea to stick to this group to keep it fresh and light. Chances are you prefer the less ‘perfumistic’ style of fragrance. For something super clean and also light, perhaps explore the Soft Floral fragrances with fresh musk notes. The clean, powdery qualities of these fragrances also connote a sense of just-stepped-out-of-the-shower freshness.

Try: Si by Georgia Armani. Classified as a citrus/fruity, Si features Pear, Mandarin, Patchouli, Amber and the exclusive Vanilla Jungle Musk™.

You currently wear a ‘Fruity’ perfume

Erica recommends: Lovers of Fruity fragrances are spoilt for choice; for an overtly fruity note stick to this family, but if you are looking for something more complex, explore the Floral/Fruity or Floral Oriental/Fruity fragrances. With plenty of ancillary products (lotions, shower gels) available in the family, you should also make the most of the layering opportunities.

Try: DKNY Be Delicious. Grapefruit, Apple (of course!), Rose, Lily of the Valley and Amber, make this fragrance almost good enough to eat.

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