Choosing fragrance as a gift for a loved one can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Following our 6 tips will help make the process a whole lot easier and give you the chance to pick the perfect Christmas gift this year.

Fragrance Christmas Gift

1. Do your homework

You may need to get sneaky here! If you don’t know what fragrance the person you are buying for wears, you’ll have to be smart. If you get the chance, have a peek into their bathroom cupboards and see what they already own. (More importantly, what bottle has been used the most. This could indicate they’re using it more as it could be a favourite scent).

If you aren’t going to get a chance like this, then take note of what fragrance they are wearing when you see them next. Is it a fresh floral? Perhaps it’s more modern with a woody hint. Or you may find its bursting with fruity notes. Whatever it is, this information will help you for tip number 3!

  • 2. Know the fragrance terminology

    There are four main categories of perfume. These are parfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and cologne. Our article on deciphering fragrance jargon will help you become more familiar with this terminology.

  • 3. Go straight to the experts

    Talking to a sales assistant online via live chat or in person will be the best way to determine which fragrance you should pick based on the information you have just found out. Let them know the scents you picked up from the person when you saw them or share which fragrance they are currently wearing. A sales assistant will be able to best advise what fragrance will be suited to that person's taste. If it was a floral scent that person was wearing, they can recommend other scents similar.

  • 4. Try them in person

    If you’ve narrowed it down, but you’re still having a hard time deciding, try them out for yourself. Spraying a tester will give you better clarification if it’s similar to what the person wears. Remember not to decide straight away as a fragrance takes time to develop. Leave it on for at least 8 hours, spraying one scent on each wrist.

  • 5. Choose minis

    Your Mum probably insists she has that one favourite scent that she won’t ever switch from. But, don’t be so sure! Why not gift her with a small pack of miniature perfumes to try out. If you know what she normally wears, pick a collection of miniatures from the same brand.

  • 6. Opt for a gift set

    If you’re still unsure, you may find your loved one’s fragrance comes in a gift set. This is a great option as they are not only getting their favourite fragrance, but also a moisturiser, body wash or aftershave to compliment depending on the set.

Making the decision 

A scent can be closely linked with memories. Your fragrance choice may even be the perfect opportunity to make lasting memories this Christmas Day. If you still need help with your gift choice, our friendly team at Perfumery are here to help. You can contact us via phone or email or even chat with us online.